Zee TV Mini Spoilers

Zee Spoilers Block Hits 21st June 2019

BrahmaRakshas: Aparajita has become devil. BrahmaRakshas has come in her. Some goons catch Aparajita. She pleads them to let her go. The goons misbehave with her. Aparajita gets angry and turns into Brahmarakshas. The goons get shocked.The goons did not know they will be dying by the devil. Aparajita scolds them and threatens to kill them.

Zee And Tv’s Badho Bahu: Komal does not know that Viren is going to insult her and her family. Komal is happy as the bride. Viren and Komal exchange the garlands. Viren insults Komal in the mandap, and leaves her. This leads to Komal marrying Lucky.


Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu comes wearing the salwar suit. Abhi laughs seeing her. Everyone laugh seeing Tanu. Tanu can’t become like Pragya if she wears such clothes. Tanu wishes Dadi a happy Dussehra. Pragya can’t control her laughter seeing Tanu wearing similar clothes and hairstyle. Everyone thinks why did Tanu take this decision. Abhi has risk to life. Dadi got a threat call that someone wants to kill Abhi. She informs that to Purab, so he has arranged the security. On the other hand, Aaliya called a sharp shooter to shoot Pragya on Dussehra night. The shooter gets dressed as police constable enters Mehra house.

ETRETR: Rani is very happy that Raja has come back to her. Raja is unhappy and sinking in guilt. Rajmata hugs Rani and blesses them. Raja does not know what to do. Raja is regretting and feeling he has cheated Rani. Rajmata tells them that she wants to send Raja and Rani on honeymoon. Raja is not able to match eyes with Lavi. Raja feels he has committed a big mistake. Rani will be knowing Raja has spent the night with Lavi. Lavi will be cancelling honeymoon plans by exposing Raja infront of Rani.


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