KaiRa’s Magic Moments during Karwachauth function

Kartik and Naira to unite

Karwachauth is special as Naitik has come back. There is grand preparations and celebrations. Akshara does not miss the chance to dance. Akshara and all the Singhania and Maheshwari family women. The women are happy to keep fast for their husband’s long life. Naitik has come back after a long time, so the family is making everything like before. Varsha applies mehendi to Akshara and teases her. Everyone is happy. Gayu has kept Karwachauth fast. Rama comes to meet Gayu and gives her new clothes. There will be big twist in the Karwachauth function.

Naira realizes her love for Kartik. Naira sees her mehendi and is missing Kartik. Naira and Gayu keep the fast for Kartik. Naira is waiting for Kartik. Kartik makes a box and keeps all the souvenirs and Naira’s pics. Kartik wanted to go back from Naira, and returns the memories to her. Naira was getting late in confessing love. Naira will confess love soon. Gayu will get to know Naira-Kartik’s love story during the Karwachauth function. There will be magical moments in Naira-Kartik’s story, just like Akshara-Naitik. Keep reading.


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