Omkara and Rudra’s twisty relationships in Ishqbaaz


Omkara and Riddhima meet at the art gallery. She asks him about marriage. Omkara gets speechless. Riddhima asks him not to be commitment phobic. Omkara says he believes in true love. She asks him to speak out what he wants from their relationship. She says Omkara has mixed emotions and that’s annoying her. Omkara asks her to give him some time. Riddhima asks Omkara to tell her where she stands in his life, else she will be leaving forever. Omkara gets ultimatum from her.

At home, Omkara shares the matter with his brothers. Rudra jokes that Omkara is stuck. Shivay justifies Riddhima’s reaction. He asks Omkara to take decision soon. Rudra recalls Romi’s shocking side. He shares his dating chapter with Omkara and Shivay. Shivay and Omkara laugh knowing Romi is a supposed Devi figure. At college, Rudra hides from Romi, but she catches him. What will be Omkara and Rudra’s decision over Riddhima and Romi? Keep reading.


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