Mohan alerts Kusum of Devanshi’s growing influence


Sarla dresses up Devanshi as a Devi for the Jagrata event at her home. The ladies get glad seeing Devanshi and really believe she is Dei’s ansh. Sarla has cruel plans in her mind and wants to prove to people that Devanshi has divine powers of a Devi.

Devanshi is not aware of Sarla’s real motives and agrees to do as Sarla says. Devanshi hears Sarla and Omi talking that walking on hot coal will initiate Devanshi’s divineness and give her Devi powers. Devanshi gets glad and confides with Sakshi. However, Sakshi feels she is adopted child and wants to run away from the house. Devanshi wants to know if Sakshi is really adopted and thinks to walk on hot coal to find out truth. Some men try to misbehave with Mohan, while Devanshi’s little Devi avatar saves Mohan in the nick of the time. Mohan feels dirty and gets his angst on Kusum, for making him take the woman avatar. Mohan also alerts to Kusum about people believing Devanshi to be Devi’s avatar.


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