Anika sets out on Mission Tia’s truth in Ishqbaaz


Anika tells Omkara and Rudra about Tia. Omkara suggests her not to tell Shivay, without any proof. He thinks to share this with Shivay once they get sure of Anika’s doubt.

Anika, Rudra and Omkara get on the mission to find out Tia’truth. Anika thinks to ask Shivay about Tia. Rudra asks them to watch him as he can get any answer from Shivay. Rudra’s nonsense talk starts. Rudra asks about Tia. Shivay says Tia is at her home, but why. He asks Rudra not to bother them. Anika says maybe that mystery man is at Tia’s house. Rudra says we have to catch them red handed. Rudra tells Shivay that they are discussing his wedding clothes. Rudra feels Tia is fooling Shivay. Omkara feels maybe Tia is innocent. He asks Rudra and Anika to follow Tia and find out the truth.

Rudra tries to get answers from Robin. Rudra starts making stories and fools Robin. Robin says Tia is in some hotel. Rudra thinks Tia is lying to even Robin. Anika and Rudra set out and reach the hotel to catch Tia red handed. Anika finds the hotel indecent and wonders why Tia came there. Will Anika find the mystery man? Keep reading.


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