Innocent Rocky to become Shivangi’s target in Naagin 2


Yamini, Sesha and Maheshmati dance and celebrate Shivanya’s death. Shivangi and her sister pack their bags to leave the city. Shivangi gets the Naaglok book. Shivangi has seen Shivanya’s death and will take revenge.

Guru Maa tells Shivangi that she is not 25 years old and should wait to get powers of a Naagin. Shivangi feels even Rocky is her enemy. She does not know Yamini’s trick to make Shivangi misunderstand Rocky. Shivangi sees the party going on in Yamini’s house and Rocky being part of the celebrations. Rocky is upset and gets drunk. Shivangi feels Rocky has cheated her and loves Ruchika, but the truth is Rocky is innocent. Shivangi is turning into a full powered Naagin. She will be taking revenge from all her enemies and even Rocky. What will Yamini and Sesha do now to control Shivangi? Keep reading.


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