Anika and Shivay’s ‘Love denial mode’ begins in Ishqbaaz


Jhanvi and Pinky talk to Tia on video chat and show some jewelry. Tia tries some costumes and shows Pinky. Anika sees someone with Tia, and asks if her mum is there with her. Tia lies she is alone. Anika gets doubtful again. Tia’s boyfriend teases her and opens the neck string. Pinky asks Tia to be careful of wardrobe malfunction. Pinky rejects the dress as button/string opened loose. Anika sees the person and feels there is someone with Tia.

Later, Anika gets another evidence against Tia. She thinks what did Tia do. Shivay asks Anika to be careful while walking. Anika thinks to tell Shivay about her doubts. Shivay offers her lift to drop her home. She thinks she can get chance to tell about Tia on the way. He wishes she refuses and offers lift again. Anika agrees to go with him, while she was thinking to refuse. Shivay loses control on his mind.

Shivay and Anika have a talk on the way. Anika could not control herself and tells Shivay that Tia is hiding something. He asks her not to start it again. He does not want to doubt Tia. She asks Shivay to hear her out once. He feels Anika’s feelings are bothering her and she started doubting Tia. Anika clears out that she feels nothing for Shivay. Even Shivay clears he has no feelings for Anika. Anika says she is not jealous of Tia and does not want to separate Tia from Shivay. Keep reading.


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