Shivay discerns Omkara’s hidden worries


Shivay gets to know Omkara did not complete a statue, and recalls how Omkara has told him about completing the statue on time. Shivay feels Omkara can’t lie and is surely hiding something. He gets worried for Omkara. Shivay calls up Omkara. Omkara does not answer and is crying by his guilt. Shivay gets more worried.

Shivay calls up Anika and asks her to go to Omkara’s room fast. He asks her to check if Omkara is fine. Anika sees Omkara with Priyanka, and informs Shivay that Omkara is fine. He asks her to make sure someone is always with Omkara till he arrives home. Omkara tells Priyanka that he is fine. She asks him to take care. Omkara hides his worries from everyone. Will Shivay be able to find out Omkara’s biggest problem? Keep reading.


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