TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Beyhadh: Maya is madly in love with Arjun. She has become Saanjh’s enemy now. She takes the roses and extracts all the thorns from the roses. She writes Saanjh’s name with the thorns. Maya started hating Saanjh.

Maya feels no one will come in between Arjun and her, and wants Saanjh away. Arjun’s charm has affected Maya. Arjun is going to get trapped in Maya’s webs and is unaware of her real personality. Saanjh has to be careful, as Maya acts sweet to her and in heart, hates Saanjh to the core.

Badho Bahu:

Lucky was asking Komal to refuse for marriage. Lucky acts to commit suicide and asks Komal to agree to him. Lucky hangs to the rope and Komal gets shocked. Lucky asks her is she mad to help him. Komal holds Lucky and lifts him. Komal saves Lucky’s life and his plan fails. Raghuveer and everyone come to the temple, and see Komal saving Lucky. Raghuveer scolds Lucky for the bad step.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Gopi tells Radhika that Jaggi loves her a lot and will marry her. Jaggi is in love with Gopi and wanted to marry her. But, Gopi has promised Radhika about Jaggi becoming her life partner. Jaggi is going to marry Radhika because of Gopi. Radhika’s misunderstandings gets cleared by Gopi. Jaggi gets mistaken and thinks Gopi is accepting her love infront of Radhika. Radhika gets a rose from her lover. Urmila is fooling Radhika as someone else. Urmila is planning all this to unite Jaggi and Gopi, and show Radhika’s true greedy face.


Laksh has come back in Swaragini. His little daughter asks him to play Badminton with him. Laksh takes a new look. This is not Ragini’s Laksh, he is Abhimanyu, he has a wife who is hospitalized and he loves his daughter a lot. Abhimanyu does not know Ragini. Ragini and Swara are creating drama in Maheshwari family. When Gayatri Devi knows Ragini and Swara’s truth, she stops the engagement and keeps demand of 5 crores. Gayatri breaks the engagement. Swara teaches her a lesson and makes Gayatri leave from the house.

Chandra Nandni:

Chandra and Nandini will have a fight. Padmanand and Nandini are challenged by Chandragupt. Nandini is a warrior and is leading Padmanand’s army. Padmanand is proud of his daughter. Chandra and Nandini will start the war. Nandini challenges to Chandragupt to fight with her. She provokes Chandragupt and calls out the enemy army to come ahead. Padmanand feels Nandini is better than a son and gets glad.


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