Radhika tricks to fail Gopi’s accusations in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Gopi has got to know Radhika’s truth. Radhika admits her truth and tells Gopi that it is her work to fool such stupid people. She asks Gopi what will she do now, she can’t stop Radhika. Gopi gets angry and slaps Radhika. Radhika tells Gopi that you did big crime to slap me twice and Gopi will surely get punished.

Gopi has blamed Radhika about having an affair with Mangesh and messaged Mangesh from Radhika’s phone, but Radhika got to know this. Radhika messaged Mangesh from Gopi’s phone and falls her plan. Mangesh comes to meet Gopi at Modi house instead Radhika. Mangesh gifts bouquet to Gopi, which shocks the family. Gopi challenges Radhika that she will expose her soon. Jaggi believes Gopi as he has always seen her supporting truth. Will Jaggi help in proving Gopi right?


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