Shocking: Imli to kill Suraj in Udaan


Suraj had a fight with Chakor and sleeps in the basement room. Unfortunately, Suraj gets cheated by Imli. Imli and the goons aim gun at Suraj. Suraj wakes up and sees all off them aiming guns at him.

Suraj gets shocked and asks what is happening. Imli says I can do anything to save my family. She tells Suraj that she has to save Vivaan and can kill Suraj for this. Bhaiya ji and Imli catch Suraj. Suraj gets shocked and can’t believe Imli can cheat him. He says when Chakor gets to know Imli shot him, she will never forgive Imli. Imli tells Suraj that he has no right on Chakor, as he has made Chakor leave.

Ranjana provoked Suraj against Chakor, that Chakor is protecting a weak Suraj and he is nothing without Chakor. Suraj got angry and asked Chakor to get away, he does not need anyone. Chakor wanted to explain Suraj that anyone can attack him if he is alone. Imli wants to make Vivaan’s life better and Chakor and villagers free. Bhaiya ji kept the proposal for Imli, to think of Chakor, Vivaan and villagers, and asked her to kill Suraj. Imli fell in Bhaiya ji’s plan. The goons catch Suraj. Suraj will not let Bhaiya ji win. What will Suraj do now? Keep reading.


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