Udaan – Chakor in dilemma


    Bhaiya ji is playing safe by divide and rule policy. Bhaiya ji keeps a proposal for Chakor too, and asks her to give divorce to Suraj, and then he will spare Vivaan, Imli and all villagers. He asks Chakor to get free of being a bandhua and also make Aazaadgunj free, by giving divorce to Suraj.

    Suraj understands Bhaiya ji can kill him anytime, and now Imli also got against him. Suraj apologizes to Chakor for arguing with her and hurting her heart. Chakor feels a responsibility towards Suraj, but what about her responsibilities towards the village. Suraj asks Chakor not to give divorce to him and requests her. What will Chakor do now? Will she choose Suraj or Aazaadgunj’s freedom? Keep reading.


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