TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Pardes: Mehra family visits the pub and have a good time. Dadi drinks wine along with everyone. Naina serves the drinks and talks to Dadi. Dadi gets much drink and shows her cool side. Dadi gets impressed with Naina.

Mehra family ladies get to meet Naina. Raghav does not wish Naina to meet his family. Naina does not feel she should hide about her job. Veer got the family to the pub, and tells them that they were liking Naina for him. He plots against Naina and shows they chose a waitress for her.

Naagin 2:

There is a new entry of Kinshuk Mahajan in Naagin 2. He will be entering Yamini’s house. Shivangi is trying hard to expose the evil doers. Rudra takes a disguise of a lawyer. He comes to Yamini’s house to meet Rocky and take his signs in the important files. Sesha gets stunned seeing him, and likes him. Rudra is a positive character, and will help Shivangi. Rudra too gets mesmerized by Sesha’s beauty.


Brahmarakshas Sanjay has come back. There will be war of the two Brahmrakshas. Sanjay and Aparajita come face to face and fight. It’s a battle of two powers. Aparajita was killing Raina. Raina does not get scared of her. Rishabh comes to Raina’s rescue and saves her. Raina asks Rishabh to see the devil. Aparajita tells them that she will kill both of them. Sanjay wants to kill Aparajita and take the revenge.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Tiwari ji gets a Naagraj avatar, after knowing Vibhuti is scared of snakes. He is using Vibhuti’s weakness and scaring him by becoming a snake. Vibhuti gets scared seeing Tiwari’s Naaga avatar and begs for his life. Bhabhi ji Angoori will also become an Icchadhaari Naagin in coming track.


Ranjana tells Chakor that she has called media. Chakor asks Suraj to support her, and act like a good husband. Chakor acts like a good wife and tells Suraj that it is equally tough for her. She convinces Suraj to act infront of the media. They both do good acting to be in love, and appear a loving couple.


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