TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


Jaana Na Dil Se Door: While Vividha is attacked by Atharv’s lookalike again, Ravish manages to come on time. Ravish and Atharv save Vividha. Meanwhile, Suman and entire family come back home.

Suman comes across Sujata. Suman gets into a fight with Sujata and Atharv, On the other hand, Kailash is injured and does self treatment of his wounds while mysteriously residing in Sujata’s house.



Kusum Sundari’s big plan for her Diwali miracle is setup well. Kusum has the magical flying shoes as well. Mohan is sure nothing wrong can happen in the final moment. Sarla also plans something similar to make Devanshi the star in villagers’ eyes. Either of Kusum or Devanshi will show up the miracle.


Vivaan and Imli get worried for Suraj’s life, when Suraj gets caught by the goons. They explain Chakor to change her decision else Suraj will get killed. Chakor recalls Suraj’s words and takes the divorce papers to sign. Just then, Suraj takes a step to stop her from signing the divorce papers by apologizing to her and keeping his ego on side.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Saiyyam’s girlfriend’s plan to kill Yuvraaj fails miserably. Saiyyam scolds her for risking Suhani’s life by getting that deadly spider. Saiyyam angrily raises hand on her, while Yuvaan comes to her rescue. She wins a soft corner in Yuvaan’s heart and plans to marry Yuvaan with a motive of divorcing him and demanding alimony for her secure future.


Kia and Ali post Avni’s video of saving Neela and beating the goons on the internet. In less time, the video gets viral and Avmi becomes a star. Avni’s fame makes Asha worry. Neela gets to know Avni by watching the video. Neela finally traces Avni and decides to meet her. Neela organizes an award function for giving a bravery award to Avni.


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