Vikram to decode Imaan and Sartaj’s secret in POW


Sartaj and his family visit a mall and spend time. Sartaj initiates to work again and talks to his brother for the petrol pump business. Imaan starts bonding with Ayaan, while Shaira does not like Imaan.

Shaira decides to get Salim and Nazneen together by speaking the truth to Imaan. Vikram gets to know the decoded message. Duggal helps Vikram in the operation. Sartaj gets cheated by the business agent. Harleen tries to bond with Sartaj, but Sartaj vents out anger on her. Shaira sets up Imaan and Nazneenā€™s date, alongwith Salim and Payal. Nazneen and Salim go through a tough emotional phase. Shaira tries explaining them that they are meant to be together. Imaan and Sartaj are hiding something from Vikram. Will Vikram be able to find out Imaan and Sartaj’s secret? Keep reading.


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