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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil:Veer’s proposal comes for Naina. Dadi and Raghav go to Rajeev’s house to meet Naina’s family. Dadi gets the shagun. Chanchal gets too glad seeing so many gifts and shagun items.

Dadi gives gold bangles to Naina as shagun from Mehra family. Naina and Veer were fighting till now. Veer gets upset with Dadi’s choice. Veer wants a smart and independent girl, who is rich and modern like him. Rajeev accepts Veer’s proposal for Naina. Naina gets a shock. Rajeev asks Naina to accept the proposal. Dadi says there can’t be anyone better for Veer than Naina. Naina is worried and does not know what’s happening. Rajeev and Chanchal celebrate happily as Naina is getting just good fortune.


Aparajita takes the devil avatar to kill Rishabh and Raina. Everyone run from the marriage venue. Aparajita follows Raina. Aparajita drags Raina from the marriage mandap. Sanjay comes there and stops Aparajita. He attacks Aparajita and a big fight between two powers begins. Raina witnesses it. Sanjay marks the end of Aparajita and takes revenge. Aparajita falls down. Raina, Shivam and Rishabh put vibhuti on Aparajita and kill her.


Saanjh is going on for lunch with Maya. Saanjh is scared and thinks what to wear. Arjun and Ayaan help Saanjh in deciding the clothes. Saanjh thinks of Maya’s step, what is Maya going to inform her, if it’s about work or Arjun.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira, Gayu and Kartik plan a surprise for Akshara’s birthday. They make a cake at home. Akshara’s car tyre bursts and everyone run to see Akshara seeing that accident. Akshara gets asthma attack. But, family reaches her on time. Akshara gets saved.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Some guys tease Sanchi, when Sanchi and Aryan go for a morning walk. Aryan turns hero and beats the guys. Aryan shouts on them, for not eyeing his wife. Aryan has a fight with them, as Sanchi’s respect is important than his own life.


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