T&D’s truth gets concealed yet another time in Ishqbaaz


Tia asks Anika why did she come to Shivay’s room. Anika makes an excuse. She says I wanted to talk of marriage arrangements. Tia asks Anika to say what is it. Anika asks Tia to ask Shivay. Anika hides her phone.

Tia asks what’s in this phone, why are you hiding. Tia checks her photo with some random guy. Tia gets shocked. Anika says you are hiding about your marriage. She taunts Tia that you have been a bride before and now I will show this to Shivay. Tia asks Anika to just wait. Anika tells Tia that she will not listen and show her truth to Shivay. Anika runs to inform Shivay. Shivay is busy teaching dance moves to Omkara. Omkara tells about the tough dance moves, its like a dance competition, not a sangeet.

Omkara says I will put special efforts for your sangeet. Shivay calls Omkara a bad dancer. Omkara asks him to encourage him. Tia calls her boyfriend/husband to seek help. She asks the guy to remove their marriage pictures from internet, as Anika got that, and going to show the photos to Shivay. Shivay encourages Omkara to dance well, else just let it be. Omkara calls Rudra a troubling figure.

Anika reaches them and tells that Tia is already marriage. Shivay and Omkara get a shock. Tia asks her husband to delete the pictures right away. The photos get removed from social sites. Anika tells Shivay that she has proof that Tia is fooling him. Anika shows the photo to Shivay and Omkara, and they get a shock by her stupidity. Shivay gets angry. Omkara tries to calm down Shivay. Anika sees the photo deleted from the social site.

Shivay asks Anika to stop her madness and misbehavior. He warns Anika to be away from Tia. He asks her to stop the mistakes. Anika loses Shivay’s trust. Sadly, even Omkara does not believe her. Tia tells Anika that photo got deleted on right time. Tia does a justification by lying to Anika about the bridal theme party. Anika confronts Tia for the truth. Keep reading.


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