Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Mere Angne Mein: Kaushalya was taking food for Preeti, by excuse of Sarla. Shanti stops Kaushalya and asks Nimmi to go and distribute food to beggars. Shanti fails Kaushalya’s plans and does not want any help to go to Preeti from their house.


Dadi has given the property to Naina. Raghav also did not expect this. Naina has become rich, while Veer and entire family gets shocked by Dadi’s decision. Naina politely explains Dadi that she does not want any property or share in business, and accepted Veer’s proposal only for respecting Dadi’s wish. Naina does not accept the property and leaves from Mehra house. Veer rages in anger. Veer argues with Sudha. Sanjana is afraid that she will lose Veer. Raghav sees Sanjana crying and consoles her. Raghav feels upset for her. Raghav knows Dadi is wise and sensible. Dadi just wanted to prove that Naina is not marrying Veer for money. Later, Chanchal gets to know of Naina’s foolish move, and scolds Naina angrily. Naina explains Chanchal that money is not important than relations.


Avni’s photo appears in the newspaper because of her participation in Gen next fashion show. The article upsets Avni, as she is accused of being an illegitimate child. Avni cries reading she is a sin child. Fatima and Aladin get upset when Avni tells the shocking news to them. Avni does not get discouraged by the piece of news. She tells Fatima that she will win the fashion show and none can stop her from earning a big name. Later, Avni gets the news that police has arrested Asha for no offence. Avni runs to Fatima and tells about Asha’s arrest.


Shivay misunderstands Anika for staying with Daksh, when he has sent her home. Anika has other reasons, but Shivay does not hear her out. Shivay angrily scolds her. Upset with Shivay’s behavior, Anika decides to marry Daksh. Shivay tries explaining her Daksh’s truth, but fails. Shivay is also upset with Anika and progresses towards his marriage with Tia.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Jaggi and Radhika exchange garlands. There is a wedding drama in Modi house. Gopi had given the garlands to Jaggi, and he angrily made Radhika wear the garlands. Jaggi is trying to involve Gopi in every rasam so that she tells her emotions. Gopi is worried for Kokila. Urmila and Jaggi are trying to stop the marriage, but Radhika is keeping an eye on them. Radhika is clever and knows Gopi is also upto something. She is sure the marriage will happen. Radhika came in the house to steal jewelry, but to challenge Gopi, Radhika is keen to marry Jaggi. The main motive of Radhika of stealing the idol will be executed. Mangesh is supporting Radhika.


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