Soumya’s blind faith in Preeto invites troubles in Shakti


Harman loves Soumya and is not afraid to express his love infront of anyone. Soumya gets unwell. Harman takes care of her and does a head massage. Soumya got dizzy after having the food sent by Preeto. Soumya started blindly believing Preeto.

Preeto has added some medicine in the food. But, Harman relieves Soumya’s headache. Soumya and Harman’s trust will be tested by Preeto’s bad plotting. Preeto asks Soumya to take rest and is behaving well. Soumya thinks Preeto is protective about Harman and did all that in past. After Nimmi’s death, Soumya finds a mother in Preeto. Later on, Harman meets his friend at the Dhaba. His friend asks him why is he staying with Soumya, she is a kinner, if he in love with a kinner. Harman gets angry on his friend and holds his collar. Harman gets drunk and goes home. Will Harman stop Preeto from hurting Soumya? Keep reading.


  1. Why are u guys going round and round in circles. Make the drama positive for ppl in somya”s situation. She should be able to marry harman. He’s rich so a medical should be carried out to determine what she has biologically and if only problem is not being able to concise which a hundred women in real life can’t and that don’t make them a kinner. She should have the option of going down the route of surrogacy. If sharUK khan and AMIR Khan’s wife can go down this route why can’t the rich Indians. He if tushar kapoor out of choice can then why not send out a positive image out to the rest of the India society to start embracing what God has put on earth everything should be looked at via a narrow mind. It’s ur job as the media to send out positive messages instead of negatives. Forget the usual Indian culture that does no good for anyones health that happens in everyday Indian serial’s.


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