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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka: Aryan is annoyed with Sanchi. She hugs him and tries to end his annoyance. Aryan shows attitude. Sanchi holds ears and apologizes. She polishes his shoes and helps him. Sanchi wants to tell him about Shashank, but Aryan does not listen to her.


Shivay and Anika are united by the fate. But the situation between them is bad. They are close, still very far. Anika cries and spends the night thinking of Shivay’s bitterness. Shivay keeps himself occupied in work. Shivay sees Anika crying and feels bad. Anika is upset as the marriage by her will. Anika values marriage a lot and gets emotional. Anika is irritated as she had to marry as Sahil’s life was at risk. Shivay sees Anika sitting near the pool and sleeping in cold atmosphere. Shivay removes his coat and covers her up. Shivay is caring towards her, but acts rude to her.


Chakor is leaving for Delhi. She boards the bus. Suraj comes running to Chakor and is much concerned for her. Suraj is realizing his love for Chakor. Suraj follows Chakor and reaches the bus in which Chakor is travelling. A man troubles Chakor. Suraj beats that man. Suraj got to know that Bhaiya ji is plotting against Chakor and sending her away. Suraj wants to save Chakor’s life and always protect her. Chakor gets surprised seeing Suraj. She argues with Suraj and asks him not to create drama. She makes him sit silently and they both leave for Delhi. Suraj stays alert to fail Bhaiya ji’s plans.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi goes on a date with Suhail. Ishita reaches a bakery shop. She is worried for Ruhi. She was following Ruhi and misses to track her. Later at home, Ishita asks Ruhi does she love Suhail or not. Ruhi tells Ishita that there is just friendship and not love. Ruhi has connected with Suhail. Suhail helps Ruhi again and again. Ruhi forgot her password in Suhail’s car. Suhail goes to return it and meets Raman. Suhail has solved Raman’s problem by saving Ishita from the police case.

Mere Angne Mein:

Sarla and Pari go home after Preeti and Nandu’s marriage. They sit planning against Shanti Sadan member. Sarla can’t see Shanti in peace and makes plans to ruin Shanti and her family’s happiness. Pari suggests they use Preeti to fill this purpose. Pari tells how they have provoked Preeti against the family and had fun.

Sarla aims to ruin Preeti’s life. Nimmi comes there to meet Sarla. She gets shocked knowing Sarla and Pari’s evil planning. Amit tries his hand in new business and becomes a boikie inorder to earn money. Lallan catches Amit and beats him up angrily. Shivam rescues Amit. Shivam beats up Lallan. Babloo comes and calls Amit as his father. Shivam gets a big shock.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki feels Lord will never forgive her. Vasundara consoles Bihaan and asks him to leave everything on Lord. Thapki and Kabir do the post marriage rituals with the family. Thapki is still sorrowful that she lost her child because of Bihaan. Bihaan is very much hurt by Thapki’s marriage. Kabir just wants revenge from Bihaan to get justice for her sister. Kabir is hurting Bihaan by being with Thapki.

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