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Chandra Nandni:
Chandragupt’s Dadi will be making an entry. Dadi wants Chandra and Nandini to stay well as husband and wife. Chandra and Nandini have difficulties to stay as a loving couple. Helena has threatened Nandini to be away from Chandra. Nandini has many problems. She is in dilemma.

Nandini and Chandra can’t overcome their attitudes and can’t behave normally well with each other. Chandra requests Nandini to agree to him for his Dadi’s sake. There will be a love triangle in the show between Chandra, Nandini and Helena. Chandra and Nandini are coming close. Helena gets angry seeing Nandini with Chandra, and aims to fill poison in Nandini’s life.

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Tia and Anika argue at the swimming pool side. Tia’s husband will get murdered. Anika will be blamed for it. Anika makes Tia from her room and Shivay’s life. Anika kicks out Tia from Oberoi mansion. Tia promises Anika that Shivay will get her back in this house.

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The married women keep the Karwachauth fast. Rano asks Malaika to keep the fast. Biji scolds Malaika. Rano asks Malaika not to feel bad of Biji’s words. She asks Tanuja to have the leftover food. Tanuja tells Rano that she has kept the fast for Rishi. Malaika acts good in front of Rishi. Biji asks Malaika to go and find her life partner first, and then keep the fast. Malaika says even unmarried girls keep this fast these days. Biji asks her to leave from their house. Malaika feels sad. Rano asks Tanuja to get tea for Raj, and does not let Rishi know of Tanuja’s fast. Rishi is stuck between Malaika and Tanuja. Rishi told Malaika that he will marry her. Malaika believes Rishi will marry her and dreams of their marriage. Malaika kept the fast in hope to get Rishi.


Chakor did not lose in marathon race till now. Chakor failed in the dope test. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to take retirement. Chakor breaks down. Suraj is worried for Chakor and will become her biggest support now. Chakor tells Kasturi that she has to go haveli as Suraj’s life is in risk. Kasturi does not allow Chakor to go, and locks her. Imli and Tejaswini ask Kasturi to let Chakor go. Suraj’s life is in risk again. Tejaswini begs Kasturi to let Chakor go haveli, else Bhaiya ji will kill Suraj. Kasturi is also protective about Chakor. Bhaiya ji has broken Chakor’s courage. Chakor is in love with Suraj, and does not realize her feelings. Chakor and Imli assure Kasturi that nothing will happen to her. Chakor runs away from home to save Suraj. She runs to the haveli. There will be big drama in haveli as well.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yD6r7s–m0]


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