Shivay’s quest for truth and Anika next in Ishqbaaz


Anika gets free of Daksh, and tries to run inside the house to meet Shivay. Jhanvi asks Pinky not to believe Daksh. Pinky believes Daksh and says Daksh has no motive to say against Anika. She says Anika got engaged to Daksh in two days of his coming and then married Shivay.

Daksh finds it obvious that Shivay is more rich, Anika loves just money, so she has married Shivay. Anika falls down and gets hurt. She still tries to enter the house. Pinky thanks Daksh and tells him that she will ask Shivay not to keep Anika at home. Jhanvi still believes Anika.

Sahil hears Pinky doubting Anika and is hurt. Daksh captures Anika in nick of the time. Jhanvi and Pinky miss to see Anika. Daksh gets worried seeing Shivay coming his way. Daksh hides Anika and himself. Daksh leaves swiftly, without getting noticed by Shivay. Shivay senses Anika, but its hit and miss situation. Shivay feels worried for her, but limits his thinking.

Pinky wants to kick out Anika from house. Jhanvi asks Pinky to think and check out two sides of the story. She asks Pinky to ask Anika. Pinky says Anika will fool us once again. Daksh takes away Anika with him.

Priyanka argues with Randhawa. Randhawa wants to make her know meaning of life. She refuses to meet him and threatens that she will tell her brothers. Randhawa also threatens her and asks her to meet soon. Priyanka hides the matter from Jhanvi. Jhanvi asks her to share matter if there is anything serious. Priyanka lies to Jhanvi. Jhanvi finds Priyanka worried.

Pinky blames Anika for all problems. Shakti asks Shivay about Anika. Shivay replies rudely. Shakti asks him to have manners and talk well. Shivay apologizes. Shakti gives him the file of Anika’s loan for Sahil’s studies. He tells Shivay that Anika took 15 lakhs loan for Sahil’s admission in good boarding school, Dadi told him to get loan approved. Shivay gets a big shock knowing Daksh lied to him about 15 lakhs. Shivay realizes Daksh lied to him about Anika’s character. Shivay finds out truth from Soumya and rushes to Anika’s house. Daksh calls Shivay and threatens about killing Anika. Shivay gets another shock and rushes to find Anika.

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