Anika’s miraculous rescue next in Ishqbaaz


Shivay looks for Anika and finally finds Anika locked in the glass block, in which the water level is increasing. Anika is getting close to death with the levels getting higher with time. Shivay gets shocked seeing Anika. He shouts to her.

Anika and Shivay feel a storm of emotions on seeing each other. Shivay tries hard to hit on the glass and break it. Daksh tries to stop Shivay. Shivay and Daksh get into a fight. Shivay gets a rod to break the glass block, but it does not break. The water levels get high. Daksh laughs and tells Shivay that if Anika does not love him, he will not let her love anyone else. Daksh wants to kill Anika as she did not accept his love. Daksh tells Shivay that Anika will be bidding bye to them. Shivay asks Daksh to leave Anika, as Daksh’s fight is with him. Daksh shouts on Shivay and is mad to kill Anika in his obsession.

Anika cries and gets sinking in the water, when the level reaches high. Shivay gets all his strength to break the glass block. Shivay gets Anika out of the glass block. Shivay saves Anika from Daksh and brings Anika home. Anika stays away from Shivay. Shivay sees Anika really annoyed with him. She is not ready to listen to him. Anika in unwell. Shivay gets medicines for her. He talks sweetly and tries to talk to her. Anika does not talk to him and leaves from room as always to sleep outside. Shivay feels sorry and sits by her side. Later, Shivay asks Anika why is she not talking to him. Anika says I just don’t want to talk. He asks her to talk to her. He has troubled Anika a lot and regrets to not believe her. Anika is showing attitude to him. She tells Shivay that she will decide when to talk to him.


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