TR’s Top Spoilers


Tanuja keeps Karwachauth’s fast for Rishi. There will be much drama around. Rishi feels Tanuja is cheating him. But, Tanuja gets unwell and Rishi feeds her water. Rishi breaks Tanuja’s fast.


Anika and Shivay will be seen showing tashan to each other again. Anika wants to do job again. Shivay does not allow her to work anywhere as she is Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi now. They both are stubborn. Anika wants to be independent and repay Shivay’s money.

Shivay asks her not to worry about anything. They both argue in usual style. Shivay is glad that she is behaving normally with him. He is ready to hear even her scoldings. Shivay wants to apologize and blocks her way. Shivay says I will not bear if anyone points finger on Anika’s character. Shivay’s confusion is clear now. Anika gets emotional when Shivay gives respect to her. Their nok jhok is bridging the gap. Shivay will be getting colored by Anika’s love. Tia makes an entry and gives shocking news that she is pregnant with Shivay’s child. Both Anika and Shivay get a huge shock hearing this.

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Dev and Ishwari have tension between them. Ishwari asks Dev to agree to her, else leave from the house. Ishwari makes Dev out of the house and breaks relation with him. Ishwari is supporting Sonakshi and is angry on Dev. It’s first time that Ishwari is supporting Sonakshi. Dev wants to give another chance to Riya and Ayaan’s relation. Ishwari and Sonakshi are against it. Dev wants Sonakshi to support him and talk to Ishwari about it. Sonakshi is not ready to break Ishwari’s trust. Dev angrily pushes Sonakshi and shouts on her. He asks Sonakshi not to talk in between. Ishwari gets angry on Dev. Dev is not able to deal with circumstances. Dev knows Ayaan is not right, but Dev is trapped in a situation, and Ayaan is using Dev’s state.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi is attacked by someone mysterious. Shivangi collides with the man and does not know he has a gun. The man shoots Shivangi and runs. Shivangi doubts that Rocky is that guy. Sesha is angry on Rudra, for ruining her Karwachauth. She thinks to find the Naag and kill him, for ruining her fast kept for Rocky. Shivangi thinks of Rocky’s love. Shivangi reaches Shiv temple and meets the Guru. She asks him about Rudra. He tells her about Rudra kidnapped by Mahish. Shivangi has to save Rudra from Mahish now. Guru tells Shivangi that Mahish is a Icchadhaari bull and she has to fight with Mahish to save Rudra. Shivangi’s life is in risk again. She has to win over Mahish to save Rudra. Guru gives Vibhuti to Shivangi to help her in fighting with Mahish. Rocky reaches there while following Shivangi.


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