Naira rejects Kartik’s marriage proposal in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Extreme step by Naira shocks Goenkas

Kartik’s Dadi suggests Manish to get Kartik and Naira married. Dadi sees Kartik getting Naira’s call at night, and going to meet her. Dadi tells Manish that Kartik loves Naira a lot, and they both will happily marry.

She does not expect any of them to refuse for marriage. Surekha has told Dadi that Naira and Kartik met the designer and saw the wedding costumes for them. Dadi says the neighbors and society are also seeing them roaming around, the name will be defamed, Naira is shopping for marriage, why should we wait for more. Dadi thinks to surprise Naira. Dadi gets shagun for Naira.

Dadi gets Kartik’s proposal for Naina. Singhanias are very happy and welcome the Goenkas. Naira apologizes to Dadi and refuses to accept the shagun. Naira tells Dadi that she can’t marry right now, as she has to fulfill Akshara’s duties first. Dadi gets irked by Naira’s answer. Dadi gets a big shock and feels bad that they all have come by doing much arrangements, and Naira has easily said no. Dadi wanted Naira and Kartik to get married, by fearing Kartik will leave Goenka family again. Dadi feels insulted that Naira did abshagun by rejecting the proposal.


Naira is asking everyone to move on, and she is not able to move on. Naira does not accept the relation, which makes Dadi annoyed. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani understand Naira’s answer and wishes Dadi forgives Naira. Kartik and Manish have a big argument. Kartik asks Manish to do a father’s duty and atleast become a human. He tells Manish that Manish can’t become a good father. Manish gets much hurt by Kartik’s bitter words.

Kartik did not know about Manish sending proposal to Singhanias. Kartik tells Manish to understand what Singhanias are going through, and asks Manish to have some emotions. Kartik supports Naira’s answer of not accepting the proposal and taking time for marriage. Akshara selects the bridal dress for Naira before her death. Kartik and Naira get the bridal dress. They recall the time spent with Akshara, and get emotional. Naira wants some time to manage her family. Suwarna understands Naira, while Dadi wants to break Naira and Kartik’s relation seeing her arrogance. Keep reading.


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