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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:
Sanchi and Aryan have a big fight. Sanchi packs the bag and argues with Aryan. Sanchi leaves from Aryan’s house. Aryan is unhappy with the problems. Aryan’s family worries seeing Sanchi leaving.


Raghav and Veer leave for office. Veer was going office after a long time, as he is usually lazy. Veer was trying to impress Dadi to get the property. The car breaks down. Raghav checks the car and gets under the car to fix the engine oil leak. Veer sees the car tyre is going to burst as the jack is loose and would not hold the car for long. He does not tell Raghav and leaves from there. Veer does not care for Raghav and is certainly not his well-wisher. Naina calls Raghav. Raghav gets away from the car to attend the call. By destiny and Naina’s luck, Raghav gets saved. The car tyre bursts and Raghav gets a shock. He thanks Naina for saving his life by making the call on right time. Raghav looks for Veer and finds him gone. Raghav realizes the destiny connection. Naina is good luck for Raghav.


Surbhi finds Soumya. Surbhi gets Soumya home. Harman stays in Soumya’s memories and sheds tears seeing the torn painting. Harman’s heart is not agreeing that Soumya can leave from his life.

Surbhi wants to know why did Soumya take such big decision. Surbhi does not want to let Soumya go away. Soumya and Surbhi love each other a lot. Soumya has made sacrifices for Surbhi. Surbhi is annoyed with Soumya, as the family got worried because of her. Soumya left home, which gave shock to family. Soumya was also helpless to leave the house. Soumya is facing many problems, as she is a kinner. Preeto has pressurized Soumya to take this step. Surbhi is angry as Soumya did not think for anyone. Soumya has hidden the matter from Harman and everyone. Soumya has left Harman’s house.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi is angry on Mrs. Iyer and Mrs. Bhalla. They made the funny video of someone. Mrs. Iyer plans to make the video viral and have fun. Ruhi recalls her MMS and scolds them for making fun of others. She asks Mrs. Iyer to keep themselves instead that person and then think what that person would go through. The family does not understand what was Ruhi meaning to say. Raman hears Ruhi and worries. Ruhi gets upset with them and goes.

Naagin 2:

Rocky is ready to eat the poisonous kheer for Shivangi’s sake. Rocky felt Rudra and Shivangi love each other. He says I know this bowl has poison, which you want me to drink, you want me to die.

He is ready to get away from her, as he has always truly loved her by his heart and soul. Rocky does not want to come between Rudra and Shivangi. Rocky madly loves Shivangi, while she was doubting him that he has killed her mother. Rocky tells Shivangi that he will eat this poison for her happiness. Shivangi gets a shock and stops Rocky. She runs to him and throws the kheer. She hugs Rocky and cries. Shivangi’s doubt on Rocky gets cleared. She got to know that Rocky did not kill Shivanya. Rocky scolds her. He asks why is she crying, why does she has emotions for him. He asks her why did she cheat him. He still has misunderstanding that Shivangi and Rudra want to harm his family.


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