Rocky dwells amidst emotional storm in Naagin 2


Rocky’s car breaks down on the jungle way. Shivangi is with Rocky. They get shocked seeing a sandstorm coming. Shivangi knocks on the window, as door does not open. Rocky tries to open the door.

Shivangi flies off in the storm. Rocky goes mad and wants to save Shivangi. Rocky gets injured and rushes to find her in the jungle. He shouts where are you Shivangi, I love you a lot. He cries thinking he has lost Shivangi forever by the storm. Later, he finds Rudra and Shivangi together. He feels Shivangi is cheating him. Shivangi and Rudra just have revenge motives in common. Rudra tells Shivangi that Rocky and Sesha are going to kill her tonight. He reminds Shivangi how Rocky has killed her mother. He asks her to recall why she married Rocky. Shivangi says I know why I married Rocky, I remember my revenge. Rocky hears them and gets shattered thinking if Shivangi’s love was fake. Rocky will try to give up his life by not bearing Shivangi’s cheat.


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