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Naagin 2: Shivangi has kept Karwachauth fast for Rocky. Rocky breaks her fast. Shivangi has tearful eyes. She does all the rituals. Shivangi gets a protective locket for him. There is a twist in the tale.

Rocky is worried thinking why Shivangi stays away, and why Rudra comes in their life. He tells Shivangi that he will not let her go out of the house. He says I will keep you in front of eyes all the time, as you don’t want to give me divorce. Shivangi has feelings for Rocky, as she knows Rocky did not kill Shivangi. Rocky is hurt knowing Shivangi wants to kill him. He is annoyed with her. Rocky was trying to win her heart. Shivangi knows his innocence and is putting efforts.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Iqbal and Rani are getting engaged. Iqbal takes the ring to make Rani wear it, but the ring falls and goes to Raja. Raja picks the ring and gives to Rani. Raja comes there in disguise. Rani feels Raja’s presence. Iqbal takes the ring back and makes Rani wear the ring. Rajmata is supporting Rani in starting a new life. Iqbal dances with Rani. Raja gets between and dances with Rani. Raja does not want Rani to marry Iqbal. Raja tries to make Rani realize its him.


Surbhi has sacrificed her happiness for the sake of Soumya’s happiness. Surbhi meets Abhishek. He shows her the marriage shopping. He asks how does she like the clothes and jewelry. He says I got each thing by my choice.

Surbhi cries seeing his feelings. She apologizes to him and tells Abhishek that she can’t marry him. She says I have marry Harman and stay as Soumya’s Sautan in Preeto’s house, I have to fill Soumya’s life with happiness doing this, if I refuse to this proposal, Soumya will get away from Harman. Abhishek receives a big shock. Surbhi had earlier agreed to marry Abhishek, and now she refuses him. She feels bad to marry Harman.


Devanshi is helping Ishwar recover. Rajjo is thankful to Devanshi. She is happy that Ishwar’s hand movements are improving. She tells Ishwar that she had a mannat and now she will take him to temple to fulfill the mannat. The doctor who was treating Ishwar died, and Rajjo was worried for his treatment stopping. But, Devanshi gets another doctor, who has come from abroad. The new doctor is using advanced medical treatments, by which Ishwar started recovering. Kusum and Mohan come in tension seeing the changes at home because of Devanshi.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya dance in the sangeet party, as part of his imagination. Tanu dances with Abhi. Abhi looks for Nikita. Tanu dances with him and tries to get his attention. The marriage track will start after other functions.

Abhi dances romantically with Pragya, while he dances with Tanu unwillingly. Tanu does not let Abhi go away. Tanu thinks to marry Abhi and then see what Pragya can do. Abhi realizes his feelings for Pragya. He is lost thinking of Pragya. Tanu gets hurt while dancing when he steps on her foot. Will Abhi confess feelings to Pragya and marry her?


Bhaiya ji has shot Kasturi, after threatening Chakor to know Suraj’s whereabouts. Chakor manages to save Bhuvan and breaks the ropes. She takes her parents back to village home. Meanwhile, Suraj decides to go back to haveli.

Chakor does not want him to come back. She gets Suraj’s call. She is worried and asks Suraj not to come. Kasturi is shot by Bhaiya ji. Chagan informs Suraj that Bhaiya ji has asked Chakor to tell your address, Chakor did not say anything and Bhaiya ji has shot Kasturi. Suraj gets a big shock.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Sanchi gets to know that Viren met with an accident. Sanchi and Aryan reach the hospital. Sanchi left her Maayka too. Sanchi came to meet Viren at the hospital. Viren refuses to meet her. Sanchi cries and shatters. Sanchi is upset and wants to meet Viren once. Aryan consoles her. Aryan becomes her emotional support.


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