Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Ishqbaaz: Dadi has come back home. Shivay meets Dadi. He asks her about Omkara and Rudra. Dadi hugs Shivay. She says Omkara went to his art studio, he had to make important statue, and Rudra went to pub after the flight landed. She gives temple prasad and feeds to Shivay. Shivay is tensed and leaves. Dadi gets to know Tia’s pregnancy matter.


Raghav has become Shaurya’s Love Guru. Raghav tells Shaurya what to gift the girls. He says its difficult to handle girls, and asks him not to date anyone, as Shaurya is still young. Raghav says girls lie and confuse them.

Dadi sees Raghav and pulls his ears for scaring Shaurya. Sanjana calls Raghav. He does not answer her call. She bothers him a lot. Raghav goes to meet Sanjana. He asks Sanjana why did she call him so many times, he has no time for her now as he is married. He asks her to understand he is busy in his work. Sanjana taunts Raghav.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Kokika has realized her mistake. She rectifies her mistake by apologizing to Jaggi. She folds hands and tells Jaggi that she has done wrong with him. She asks Jaggi to forgive him. Jaggi asks her to regard her as son and not apologize. Jaggi got free from jail. His truth has come out in front of Kokila, so she is showering love on him.

All the problems are ending in Modi house. Jaggi has made place in Kokila’s heart. Jaggi’s innocence news came as relief. Kokila asks Jaggi to keep Gopi happy. He says I can’t promise this, as Gopi always cries. Kokila laughs. She makes Jaggi do the aarti. Jaggi does aarti and takes Kokila’s blessings. Everyone gets happy seeing the things getting fine.


Dayavanti comes to meet Asha at the hospital. Asha gets conscious and talks to Avni. Avni gets glad seeing Asha fine. Asha delivers the baby boy. Avni meets her little brother. Asha starts slipping in coma. Avni cries and rushes out to call doctor.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira have sweet romantic moments. They are soon going to get married. Kartik showers love on Naira and helps her in cooking. It’s all Kartik’s dream sequence, when Naira tells him to imagine how their married life will be.

Kartik stays in Goenka house just for Dadi. Kartik hears that Dadi was acting to be unwell, and called Kartik home. Kartik gets angry and tells Dadi that he will marry Naira and take Naira to his own house. He decides to move out of Goenka house. Dadi and Manish get a big shock. Kartik gets sad by Dadi’s lie. Naira comforts him and diverts his mind by asking him to imagine their post marriage life.


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