Vivaan troubled by molestation blame in Udaan


Vivaan is in trouble. Pooja accuses Vivaan for rape attempt. Bhaiya ji and Ragini are happy seeing Vivaan in trouble. Imli knows Vivaan is innocent and is trying hard to prove him innocent. Ranjana is worried for Vivaan. Bhaiya ji laughs on Vivaan’s situation. Imli can’t see molestation blame on Vivaan and defends Vivaan. Ragini has planned all this to ruin Vivaan’s reputation and career.

Imli is fighting with Bhaiya ji for Vivaan’s respect. Ranjana sides with Bhaiya ji, and asks Vivaan not to step inside the haveli. She asks Vivaan how can he do such cheap thing, when he has a beautiful wife. She scolds Vivaan.

Vivaan says such son should die on whom his mother does not trust, but I will not die as I did not do such bad thing. Imli says I will stand by Vivaan, as I completely trust Vivaan. He is hurt that Ranjana does not trust him. Imli says even if anyone does not believe Vivaan, I believe my husband. Vivaan is humiliated by everyone at the office and then at home. Vivaan is Imli’s love. Imli supports Vivaan and knows he is completely innocent. Imli tells decision that they will stay in the haveli, and none can stop them at the door. Ragini and Bhaiya ji do not care for the drama and have big drama in mind. They leave from haveli to execute their plan. Keep reading.


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