Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Ishqbaaz: Anika’s first rasio rasam will be seen next in the show. Anika makes a paneer dish for the family. Shivay comes for breakfast. Dadi tells him that Anika has made food for everyone, as its her first rasoi ritual.

Dadi asks Shivay to have the food first and then they all will eat. Shivay asks why me first. Dadi says you are Anika’s husband. Anika says I made food for the first time. Pinky says then it will be bad. Dadi says Anika made it with love and this will be good. Anika serves the food to Shivay. Shivay agrees to have food first. He gets a shock tasting the bad food. He does not like it. He starts coughing by eating the burnt and over spicy food. He stops Dadi and Pinky from eating the food. He says it’s so much yummy and unique, I will finish it.


Jaggi is proved innocent. Some people still blame Jaggi to be a murderer, after seeing his Wanted posters on the walls. Some men get mistaken and beat up Jaggi. Jaggi fights back to save himself. Gopi asks the men to leave Jaggi, he is innocent, he did not do anything.

On the other hand, Dharam and Meera come home with their babies. They are very happy and bring home with happiness. Vidya and Shravan are also happy that Meera and Dharam’s family will get completed now. Chanda has given birth to the babies and does not want to leave the house. She starts her drama. Chanda is blackmailing Meera about the babies. Meera keeps knife at her neck and forces Dharam to marry Chanda, else she will die. Dharam falls in big dilemma.

Chandra Nandni:

Nandini and Chandra have come to Gurukul. Nandini has taken a guy’s get up. Nandini has taken this avatar because of Chandra. Nandini wants to study. Chandra does not want her to study outside the province. The girls could not study before.

Chandra encourages Nandini to complete her education. Chandra takes Nandini to meet his Guru. Guru gets impressed by Nandini’s smart answers. Chandra says we will see how you perform in the tests. Nandini takes the challenge.


Dadi has kept a lavish party and announces Veer as the heir of Mehra family. The media cover the party event. Dadi says Veer will manage Mehra family business now. Sanjana is very happy as she will become very rich after marrying Veer.

Naina goes to Veer and gets angry in Veer. She asks Veer how can he ask Dadi to check Raghav, when Raghav was awake all night and made presentation for him. She says everyone is praising the presentation which Raghav made, and Veer is humiliating Raghav. She asks Veer how much low will he fall down. Naina broke her silence to protect Raghav’s self esteem. Raghav does not care if Veer gets all the credit, as Raghav wants the best for Mehra family.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik makes a small sweet home. He brings Naira to give her surprise. Naira gets emotional seeing the beautiful house. He asks her opinion on it. She says its cute, but it’s very small. He says I do a small job and my salary is less, I will buy bigger house after some time.

Naira gets glad knowing Kartik has bought this house for them by his hard-earned savings. Naira praises the house and finds a romantic coffee corner place in the house. Naira does not want Kartik to leave his house. She wants to unite Kartik with Goenka family. Kartik has taken the flat to stay with Naira after marriage. Kartik wants to live separately and tells Naira that Goenkas are very bad and they can’t stay with them.


  1. I think in Ishqbaaz director forgot that when daadi went to meet Anika for the first only to ask her to prepare cake for them as she made the best cake which was sent to oberois by mistake from the bakery then how can she cook such a bad cook. without knowing basics of cooking she will not bake a best cake


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