Aaliya plays nasty trick to target Purab-Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya


Aaliya reveals Pragya and Purab’s pics on the screens in Abhi and Tanu’s sangeet party. Aaliya says I had to cross limits as Purab challenged me that he will protect Pragya, I accepted challenge. Pragya was shocked as Aaliya defamed her.

Pragya cries in the party and is much hurt. Abhi’s heart gets bitter. He does not respect Pragya now. Purab is not less and accepts to have relation with Pragya, which shocks Aaliya. Aaliya says I did not understand why this is happening. Aaliya wanted to harm Pragya, and also targeted Purab this time in her wicked plan. Abhi gets embarrassed seeing all the pictures on the screen.

Pragya’s image spoiled in Abhi’s eyes. Purab is also clever. Dadi scolds Pragya and asks her what is all this, what is happening. Purab does not hear anything against Pragya. Aaliya was happy that everything happened as per her plan. Purab declares in front of everyone that he likes Pragya. Purab wants to counter answer Aaliya. Aaliya tells Purab that whatever he does, she will do something bigger. Purab will unite Pragya and Abhi, and shock Aaliya.


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