Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke: Imaan is pressurized and blackmailed by Lala. Imaan takes the car with explosives out of the hospital, to save Salim’s life.

Salim feels his life’s end is close and hints Nazneen to always believe Imaan and understand Imaan’s silence means Imaan is hiding big things in heart with the motive to safeguard family. Vikram comes to meet Rohan. Vikram dines with Shobha and Rohan after a long time. Will Nazneen and Harleen be able to help out Imaan and Sartaj?


Tia adds acid in Shivay’s coffee. Tia wants to kill Shivay and Anika, and want Oberoi’s property. Anika will save Shivay’s life by stopping him from drinking that acid coffee. Tia and Shwetlana are pretending to kill Shivay, just to make Anika doubt on their fake intentions, and not see their real big motives to ruin Oberois.

Chandra Nandni:

Chandra and Nandini are coming close. They are getting caring towards each other. Nandini gets hurt by a thorn. Chandra removes the thorn. There is friendship between them. Nandini is worried as her father wants to kill Chandra. She says its special day for me today, I have taken a special decision. She is in dilemma and thinks whom to support, Nandini or Chandra.

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Gaura wears hood and enters Modi house. She keeps plant and sprays medicine on it to make Jaggi and Gopi faint. She makes Gopi and Jaggi sleep together. Gopi gets shocked seeing Jaggi and scolds him. Gopi feels unwell and goes to meet doctor.

Doctor says Mrs. Gopi, you are pregnant. Gopi gets her pregnancy news by the doctor and is super shocked. Doctor says pregnancy in this age is risky for her and her baby also. Gopi is angered on the happenings. Gaura lies to Meera and Vidya that she is praying to Devimaa. Gaura is great in doing drama. Gopi is troubled by pregnancy drama, and Meera is troubled by Sautan Chanda.


Hemant asks Dayavanti to accept Ashish’s family. Dayavanti declares to media that she will get Aisha and kids home. Later, Dayavanti threatens Aisha to take her son to make him Mehta family heir. Dayavanti murders Aisha in the hospital. Avni takes the responsibility of her little brother Aman. Avni sings lullaby for Aman to stop him from crying and feeds him. Dayavanti visits Aisha’s house with media, and asks Avni to come with her. She declares her grand children will stay with her, but Avni declines to accept Dayavanti’s decision.


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