Shivay-Anika tackle the security breaches in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Anika find out the knife stuck in the car tyre. Anika asks Shivay to believe her, someone really tried to kill him. Shivay says this is Tej’s car. Anika says your car brakes were failed, they wanted to do your accident, they did not know Tej will take your car.

Shivay shouts on security officers and asks them to check CCTV footage to find the culprit. Shivay calls up Tej to alert him. Anika breaks down thinking of the consequences if Shivay left in his car. She cries being worried for Shivay’s life. Shivay consoles her. She asks him to understand his life’s worth. She says your life is in danger, will you also leave me like everyone else. Shivay assures her that he will not leave her and he will not let her go away from him either. Anika gets bit relieved.

Pinky and Jhanvi find Shwetlana’s state serious. Pinky gets worried for Jhanvi, seeing Shwetlana back in Tej’s life. She warns Jhanvi to not ignore what they are seeing rich now. Jhanvi has sympathy for Shwetlana, as she has saved Tej’s life. Pinky asks Jhanvi not to believe Shwetlana. She clears to Jhanvi that Shwetlana entered the house, and now she will never leave. She asks how did that happen that Tej’s car has just collided with Shwetlana’s car. She says it’s not just a mere coincidence.

Shivay finds out about the servant who has damaged CCV camera. They figure out the servant is the one who made all the attacks possible. Shivay goes to change security staff. Anika keeps an eye on Tia. Anika and Tia have a verbal clash again. Anika stops Tia from meeting Shivay. Tia does not care for anything. She plans to take Shivay on lunch date, so that she can take Shivay away from Anika. Anika asks Tia to go ahead.

Anika knows Shivay is in tension and will shout on Tia. Tia goes to ask Shivay for lunch date. Shivay shouts on Tia asking did she go mad to neglect the house problems and go on date. Tia apologizes to him. Shivay asks Tia not to make him more upset, and just go and take rest. Tia gets angered on him. Anika enjoys Tia’s upset face. Shivay clears to Anika that he did not wish to go on date today, so he refused to Tia. He asks Anika is she enjoying the situation. Anika asks Shivay about having lunch at home. She makes Shivay smile by using her unique words. Their bond starts blossoming. They forget all tensions for a while and bursts into laughter.


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