Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Thapki Pyaar Ki: Pandey family is crying and have just memories with them. They don’t want to leave the house. Bihaan is very much upset. Sankara holds his hand and takes him away. Bihaan will come back in Pandey Nivaas for Thapki’s sake. Thapki is crying and is helpless. She makes Pandey family leave.


Kunal’s haldi rasam is going on. Everyone apply haldi to Kunal. Everyone ask Karan to apply haldi to Kunal. Karan refuses and says thanks, I m fine being away. Kunal gets annoyed. Karan is not showing any interest in Kunal’s marriage. His mum asks Karan to show some interest. She asks him to take haldi to Meghna’s house, as she is going to become his bhabhi. Karan gets ready to take haldi. Kunal is happy to marry his love.


Bedi family is behind bars and blame Tanuja for their arrest. Tanuja gets to know that her Nani has played this game and put wrong blames on Bedi family to get them beaten up. Tanuja gets angry knowing its her family’s mistake and says I will not bear anything wrong.

Rishi meets his family in jail and is shocked seeing everyone behind bars. Rano tells Rishi that Tanuja has done all this. She says Tanuja has come with Bani, and put us behind bars by fake accusations. She said I have harassed her, and now she will give me pain too, she got entire family behind bars. Raj tells Rishi that he is trying to understand what is happening. Rano says I m ashamed to think of the bad blames Tanuja has put on us. Rishi says relax, I will talk to Tanuja and everything will be fine.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar, Piyush and Vaidehi meet Roshni in the police station. Roshni gets angry seeing Vaidehi. Roshni starts blaming Vaidehi. She tells Piyush that Vaidehi came in her life and hurt her heart. Vaidehi gets upset and leaves. Piyush says you don’t know driving, is this Vaidehi’s fault, you are not accepting your mistake and blaming Vaidehi. Bharadwaj family gets Roshni’s bail done.


Harman could not accept Surbhi as his wife. He keeps Surbhi away from Soumya’s place. Surbhi sleeps on the ground. Harman meets Soumya and says you have won now, you would be happy, you became great in front of each other. Soumya takes Harman back to Surbhi. Surbhi finds Harman’s behavior normal.


The goons tie Suraj to the pole in the stable. Suraj’s days and nights got worse. He regrets to have a father like Bhaiya ji, who has punished him this way. Bhaiya ji is mad in revenge. Chakor cries seeing the bandhua stamp on Suraj’s hand.

Chakor hides and takes the food for Suraj. Chakor feeds food to Suraj. Suraj wipes her tears. He advises her to protect herself as her life is in danger. He says stop helping me, and don’t show herogiri. She asks him to understand her emotions, she is broken within. Chakor cries and tells Suraj that she will support him till her death. Suraj says I m fine, why are you crying. Chakor says I have always supported villagers, and you are my husband, how can I leave you. Suraj and Chakor flow in emotions.


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