Shwetlana and Tia’s new plan against Anika in Ishqbaaz


Shwetlana eats the food and coughs by chilli effect. She calls out the nurse for water. Shivay and Omkara ask if Shwetlana has come out. Rudra waits for Shwetlana to come out. Shwetlana calls out nurse, asking for water. Nurse does not turn up on time.

Anika, Rudra, Shivay and Omkara wait for Shwetlana. Shivay thinks this plan will not work. Anika is sure that the plan will work. Shivay holds Anika while looking for their plan working or not. He shows she is blushing again. Anika asks them to wait. Tia sees Anika hiding. Shwetlana gets up to take the water. Tia realizes Anika’s plan and rushes to stop Shwetlana from coming out of the room. Tia succeeds to stop Shwetlana and alerts her. Shwetlana rushes back to her room and lies on the bed. Shivay does not want to wait more and thinks they are wasting time. Anika and Rudra think why did Shwetlana not come. Rudra finds the plan good.

Anika says maybe Shwetlana saw Tia and did not come out. Shivay is sure Shwetlana is smart and won’t get caught. Omkara says even smart people make mistakes. Nurse takes Shwetlana on wheelchair. Shwetlana asks for water. Rudra says this plan failed. Anika says I have another plan, which will work as backup. She asks them to come with her, and check the back up plan. She is sure Shwetlana has roamed inside the room, even if she did not come out of the room. Shwetlana drinks water and scolds the nurse for getting spicy food. Shwetlana doubts someone has added chilli in the food purposely and someone removed the water-glass as well.

Tia tells Shwetlana that Anika has done all this. She explains Shwetlana that Anika is a threat for them. Tia tells Anika was keeping an eye on her, its Anika’s plan to confirm if Shwetlana can walk or not. Shwetlana and Tia understand Anika is doubting on her. Tia says I have come there on time and saved you, and now we have to be careful. Anika shows the haldi marks on sofa, and proves that Shwetlana can walk, she has come till the sofa and held the sofa by her haldi stained hands.

Anika shows the haldi she has applied to the bottom side of the food plate, so that Shwetlana holds the plate and gets haldi on her hands without actually knowing their plan. Anika’s plan works right. Shwetlana left a clue for them. Shivay understands Shwetlana planned her entry in Oberoi mansion. Tia tells Shwetlana that she has warned them about Anika before, she can ruin their plan. Shwetlana does not want to kill Anika and change plans at this phase. She does not want to take any risk. Tia suggests they should kill Anika first. Shwetlana says we can make Anika away from Shivay’s life. Tia finds it tougher than killing her, as Shivay does not hear a word against Anika. Shwetlana wants to use Pinky and asks Tia to make Anika out of Shivay’s life by manipulating Pinky. Tia plans to use her baby to manipulate Pinky’s emotions.


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