Zee’s Mini Spoilers

Zee Spoilers Block Hits 21st June 2019

In Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, Raja gets shocked seeing Naina, who resembles Rani. Naina is bubbly and dances with Raja. Raja wants to get away. She holds his hand and dances with him. Raja keeps staring at her and sees Rani in her.

Raja holds Naina’s hand and stops her, when she was dancing around him. Naina performs in Ganesh utsav celebrations, where Raja is the chief guest. She gets scared when Raja stops her. It’s unexpected for her when a stranger catches her, and gets aggressive. He thinks Naina is Rani and holds her. Naina cries and asks him to leave her. Naina does not know Raja. She says I will put red chilli powder on you. Raja does not listen. Vijay gets in between and saves Naina. He asks Raja why is he angry on Naina. He asks Naina why did she dance on this song, maybe that irked Raja. Raja’s wounds gets revived seeing Naina. Vijay tells Naina that Raja is the don of the area.

Meanwhile in Kumkum Bhagya, Purab teases a girl and gets arrested. Abhi and Pragya come to police station. Purab wants to make Abhi realize that there is nothing between him and Pragya. His plan succeeds. Later, Abhi and Pragya leave from the police station. He looks for his car. His car got missing. Abhi looks for his car under the bike and in between other vehicles. Pragya thinks why is Abhi finding car under other bikes. She finds him silly. They are outside the police station. Abhi asks constable about his car. He gets a shock knowing his car got stolen from the police station. Constable says even our police jeeps got stolen.


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