Suraj’s heroic action to stop Chakor’s humiliation in Udaan


Chakor gets food for Suraj and gets caught by the goons. Ragini throws water on Chakor and hurt her. The goons catch Chakor. Chakor faces humiliation. Suraj becomes the hero. Suraj gets angry and breaks the metal chains tied to the pole. Suraj is weak, but his patience breaks. He gets angrily beats up the goons. He asks them not to do anything wrong with Chakor.

He frees Chakor and hugs her, covering her with the shawl. They both get emotional. Suraj is realizing his feelings for Chakor. Suraj is reminding Bhaiya ji that he knows to become old Suraj also. He shouts on Bhaiya ji and says no one will touch Chakor, do anything with me, but none will hurt her. Suraj has saved her. The goons catch Suraj and take him much away from Chakor. Tejaswini and Kasturi take Chakor. Bhaiya ji thinks to punish Suraj for his move.


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