Chakor and Suraj’s problematic ride continues in Udaan


Suraj scolds his servant for hurting Chakor. He asks Chakor to get away from him, and no need to come back. Chakor refuses to leave him. Chakor feels bad that she could not convince Imli to run and fetch water from the motor.

She says Vivaan does not want Imli to get in this matter and be a slave for Bhaiya ji. She tells him the problem Vivaan is facing. Suraj gets shocked knowing Ragini’s bad plan against Vivaan. Chakor tells him what Vivaan is going through.

Suraj does not want to break down in front of Bhaiya ji. Chakor is adamant too to explain him to mend ways. Suraj is tied along with the animals in stable. He is not given even water. Bhaiya ji comes there and laughs on Chakor on her unique way to feed water to Suraj. Chakor tells Suraj that she will never leave supporting him, as she has always gone through all the tortures in her childhood. Bhaiya ji threatens Chakor to leave, else she will bear same punishment again. Chakor is determined to support Suraj. Will Chakor and Suraj realize their feelings for each other? Keep reading.


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