Tanuja gets grief-stricken knowing fate twist in Kasam


Katyani Devi tells Tanuja about the kundli dosh. She says Rishi and Tanuja can stay together, but they can never marry, else either of them will die. Tanuja gets a big shock. She questions Devi Maa why did she give her rebirth if Mata did not wish her to unite with Rishi.

She asks why can’t Rishi become mine, Rishi has never misunderstood me, you have shown my wrong face to him. She has many questions and asks Mata. Her dreams have shattered. She says why did my soul get rebirth when I had to face same sorrow again, Rishi and I love each other a lot, end this curse on us.

Katyani Devi comforts Tanu. Tanuja’s soul will visit the same old places and revive more memories. Katyani Devi is also sorrowful knowing the kundli dosh.

Tanuja will get kidnapped after leaving the temple. Tanuja shouts out to Rishi for help. Rishi will save Tanuja. Rishi sees Tanuja in the goon’s car and follows them. Rishi coincidentally spots her and stops the car by getting his car in front. Rishi beats up the goons. Rishi can’t see Tanuja in problem, as she is his wife and he loves her. Rishi gets shot by the goons. Keep reading.


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