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Ishqbaaz: Pinky is scared that Anika can spoil Tia’s Lohri. Shakti asks her is she mad, Shivay and Anika got married, and its their first Lohri. She refuses to accept Anika as bahu. He says but Maa will not accept Tia as bahu.

Pinky argues and wants Tia to do puja with Shivay. Pinky and Dadi argue over Shivay’s wife. Everyone has different perception. For Pinky, just Tia looks deserving. The arrangements of Lohri begin. Tia makes a plan and puts theft blame on Sahil. Pinky scolds Sahil. Anika asks Shivay to believe Sahil. Shivay supports Sahil. Pinky taunts Sahil to be a thief. Shivay asks Pinky not to start it again. Shivay serves icecream to Sahil.

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Santoshi Maa:

Trishna does tandav and prays to Devi Paulmi, asking her to answer her what’s her past. Devi Paulmi sends Kamini to help out Trishna. Devi Paulmi is sure that Santoshi Maa’s devotee Santoshi can’t succeed over Trishna and Kamini. Kamini tells Trishna that she is her mother, which makes Trishna believe her. Later, Santoshi and Trishna argue. Dhairya asks Santoshi where did she go at night, its not hotel that she can come anytime. Trishna wants to marry Dhairya soon. Santoshi wants to expose Trishna’s fake mother. Dhairya hurts Santoshi angrily.

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Raja has become don. He gets a new family and showers family on them. Raja meets Naina again to bond with her. Raja got Naina home to save her, but Naina does not know why Raja hates her. Naina starts staying in Raja’s house. Raja dislikes to see her face. Raja wants to avoid Naina, but is unable to.


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