Bhaiya ji’s plans auction to shatter Suraj in Udaan


Bhaiya ji auctions Suraj’s belongings to the villagers. Ragini says we will not auction, we will sell off everything for just one rupee each. She asks the villagers to take anything they want in one rupee.

Kasturi and Bhuvan come to haveli, and tell guard that they have come to buy bandhua Suraj’s belongings. Bhaiya ji is happy that Kasturi and Bhuvan are addressing Suraj as bandhua, and allows them to come in. Kasturi buys Suraj’s jacket. She says I will burn this jacket and then this will end Chakor’s problems. Kasturi goes to taunt Suraj and passes a letter to him. Kasturi fools Bhaiya ji and then leaves with Bhuvan.

Ragini tells Suraj that they are selling all his things, as he will always be bandhua, he should not have any hope to come back to haveli. Chakor comes to stop the auction, but Ragini asks Chakor not to come there, as she would spoil the atmosphere by her drama.

Chakor is forced to leave from the haveli. Suraj gets disheartened seeing all his costly watches, shades, clothes, shoes and other things. Later, Chakor meets Suraj and says Bhaiya ji wants to kill your courage and self-esteem, don’t feel bad for losing the belongings, its ordinary things, once you come out of Bhaiya ji’s clutches, you can get anything, you can earn things for yourself.

Suraj needs Chakor’s support. Suraj is shattering by every day tortures. Bhaiya ji and Ragini are coming up with different plans to target Suraj. Chakor does not want Suraj to break down. Bhaiya ji makes Chakor away from Suraj. He kicks Suraj angrily and gets anger out. Ragini tells Suraj that his good days are over now and asks him not to dream anything now.


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