Shocking: Piyush to marry Roshni in Sasural Simar Ka


Piyush and Vaidehi exchange the varmala. He does rituals of marriage with her and starts taking the wedding rounds. They are very happy that their wish is getting fulfilled. Even Simar and family are happy for them. Vaidehi loves Piyush a lot and is very happy. But, the big twist comes in their marriage. Piyush gets upset when her marriage could not complete by Roshni, and her parents’ entry. Piyush has broken Vaidehi’s heart and taken the wedding rounds with Roshni, by lifting her in arms. Vaidehi can’t believe that Piyush has left her. She has lost everything today. She curses Piyush for making fun of her love.

Simar asks Vaidehi not to curse Piyush, his life will get ruined. Vaidehi says my life got ruined. Vaidehi’s first marriage broke before. She is broken seeing the bad situation again. Piyush tells Vaidehi that he loves her and will love her till he dies. Vaidehi slaps him and asks him not to defame love, this is his ego to leave her. She is broken within, and tells Piyush that she trusted and loved him. Piyush is also shattered. Simar apologizes to Vaidehi. Mata ji says I m with Vaidehi, and will not let injustice happen with Vaidehi.

Vaidehi gets angry and leaves from the mandap. Roshni wanted Piyush and Vaidehi’s marriage not to happen. Piyush did wrong with Vaidehi, and had to agree to Roshni’s parents being helpless. It so happens that Piyush was marrying Vaidehi happily. But after Roshni commits suicide, her parents get Roshni to the marriage venue. Mrs. Kapoor tells Piyush that Roshni has committed suicide and cut her wrist. Mr. Kapoor scolds Simar angrily and tells Simar that he has done many favors on Simar, he has given Nanny job to Simar when she was helpless. He counts all the favors he has done on Simar and Piyush. Piyush angrily tells Mr. Kapoor that he will repay all the favors and fills Roshni’s maang. Piyush tells Mr. Kapoor that Simar always praised him, but today Mr. Kapoor counted the favors and broke their illusion. He tells Mr. Kapoor that he has paid all the favors back now, and now Simar is free. Piyush and Roshni will marry by all rituals. Keep reading.


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