Tia’s easy win highers her expectations in Ishqbaaz


Shwetlana plays her move to make Sahil fall down. The necklace falls out of his crutch, which leaves everyone shocked. Tia tells Anika that Sahil is also a thief like Anika. Pinky gets tempered seeing Sahil exposed. She calls Anika and Sahil thieves to steal things from their home. Sahil tells Pinky that he did not steal anything. Pinky asks him to tell this to police. Anika requests Pinky and Shivay not to call police, Sahil can never do this. Pinky does not melt and calls police. Anika asks Shivay to stop Pinky.

Mrs. Kapoor blackmails Shivay. Shivay stops Pinky for a while. Mrs. Kapoor warns him not to do this. Shivay asks Pinky to do anything she wants. Anika gets upset. Tia asks Pinky not to call police, as this will defame family respect. She asks Sahil to apologize to her. Pinky scolds Anika and Sahil, and asks Sahil to apologize.

Anika stays adamant that Sahil will not apologize. She apologizes to Tia. Tia humiliates Anika and makes her apologize again. Anika cries sadly and apologizes to Tia. Shivay could not see Anika crying. Tia rejoices on her win. Anika loses her hopes on Shivay. Shivay could not explain her the situation.

Pinky does Lohri arrangements. Shakti says Chaddas are coming in evening. Tej asks Jhanvi to explain Omkara not to misbehave in front of Chaddas. He does not believe Omkara and is upset for his crime. Tej and Pinky are worried that Omkara and Anika can create any issue. Shakti says its Shivay and Anika’s first Lohri, as they are married, but Pinky wants to celebrate Shivay and Tia’s first Lohri. Shakti is sure that Dadi will not accept Tia. Pinky tells him that Shivay will celebrate with Tia in front of the guests, as everyone knows Tia is Shivay’s wife. Tia also expects Shivay to celebrate Lohri with her.


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