Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Kasam: Rishi recovers after getting shot. Tanuja takes care of him. Rishi and Tanuja stay at the temple. Rishi asks Tanuja to come back home with her. Tanuja refuses to him. He asks what’s the problem. He apologizes to her for being bitter towards her. He regrets to badly treat her. He asks why is she refusing to him now. Rishi cares for her wounds and talks sweet. Tanuja loves Rishi a lot and risked her life to save him, and now she is ready to get away from his life, again to save him. Rishi is hurt when Tanuja does not accept his apology.


Meghna gets a big shock when she sees Naina in bridal wear. Sharda and Naina have hidden this truth from Meghna. Meghna asks Naina what is she doing, when she knows what they dreamt for her. Meghna asks Naina not to do foolishness to spoil her life.

Naina says I have taken this decision myself. Kunal’s father kept the condition for Naina and Karan’s marriage, to get Meghna married to Kunal. Meghna did not wish Naina to get married soon, as she has big career dreams. She does not want Naina to marry by family pressure. Sharda has compromised with her self esteem, and is getting Naina married based on conditions.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush does not like Roshni. After he vented out his anger on her, Roshni gets mad again to commit suicide. She was taking sleeping pills overdose. Simar stops her and asks Roshni what is she doing. Roshni says Piyush hates me, I can’t bear his hatred, he is treating me badly, I just one solution to die. Simar asks her to come to senses. She hugs Roshni and consoles her. Simar will become Roshni’s support. No one has accepted Roshni heartily. Simar asks Roshni to win Piyush’s heart by working hard. Roshni does not know how to win Piyush’s heart by proving she is a good wife.


Chakor asks Suraj to apologize to Bhaiya ji to get food, else he won’t get energy to fight back. Suraj agrees to her and apologizes to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji agrees to give him food once. Next day, Bhaiya ji announces that Suraj will stay hungry, unless Suraj does work. He says bandhua can get food only if he works. Suraj agrees to do the work. Bhaiya ji gives him tough work to repair all the wells of the village and also paint the wells in just 5 hours. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to see the bad state of wells. Tejaswini and Chakor support Suraj and encourage him to do the task. Suraj is surviving by Chakor’s support and is thankful to her. Chakor aims to initiate freedom fight for entire village again once.


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