Shivay and Anika’s longing to meet culminates in Ishqbaaz


Shivay is admitted in hospital. His surgery gets successful. Doctor informs family about Shivay’s state, that he would recover soon. Pinky throws out Anika from the hospital. Omkara and Rudra can’t see Anika in pain, and know Anika’s love and concern for Shivay is true. They hide Anika from Pinky and get her inside the hospital. Anika sits in the food trolley and enters Shivay’s ward to meet Shivay once. Rudra and Soumya help out Anika hide in trolley and get her to the ward. Anika smiles seeing Shivay.

Pinky comes there to see Shivay. Rudra says we are seeing Shivay, you can leave. Pinky talks to Shivay. Rudra and Soumya ask Shivay to have soup. Pinky says Shivay’s right hand is hurt, he can’t have food. Anika hides under the bed.

Shivay holds Anika’s hand, while hiding from Pinky. Pinky feeds soup to Shivay. Shivay and Anika find a moment for themselves. Pinky’s phone falls down. She bends to pick it. Anika does not get caught, while everyone worry. Pinky finds the injection on ground, and says this big hospital is not hygienic. She goes to complain to doctor, and asks Shivay to rest. Pinky leaves. Shivay and Anika then meet properly. Their eagerness to meet is much seen. Anika and Shivay hold hands and have a talk. Omkara, Rudra and Soumya support the lovers Shivay and Anika.