Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Naagin 2: Rocky always felt that Shivangi is his enemy. Shivangi saved Rocky from Mahish and proved that she loves Rocky a lot. Rocky thanks Shivangi and wants her to drink with him. Shivangi asks him is he mad. He says your anger is always on seventh sky, its amazing to see you. Rocky flirts with Shivangi. They have a romantic moment.


Meghna is upset in her room, while Naina is shedding tears in her room. Kunal tries to cheer up Meghna. Meghna is worried for Naina. Naina tells Karan that she will keep the relation with honesty and loyalty, and she will never get away from this relation. Karan asks Naina to remember this marriage is a lie, and there would be no relation between them.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dhruv and Aditi get their new born home. Shraddha stops Thapki from doing their Grahpravesh. Shraddha does not Thapki to do aarti of Aditi’s child. Vasundara asks why did Shraddha stop Thapki. Shraddha says its my right on child too, as this baby boy is mine, he is the heir of this house. Shraddha makes Thapki do aarti of her son first. Thapki’s pregnancy brings new happiness. The show may get a leap.


Chakor jumps in the well to get Suraj out. Suraj is weak and could not come out. Chakor thinks Suraj will help her out. They both get inside the well and wait for help. Bhaiya ji threatens Imli not to help them, else villagers will face problem. Bhuvan and Kasturi ask Imli not to do anything. Chakor encourages Suraj.


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