TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Pardes:Raghav and Naina started new life. Naina asks Raghav not to waste time and not to have dinner. A thief enters their home. Naina sees the thief and gets scared. She asks who is there and shouts. She tries to stop thief by showing the knife. She runs to Raghav and hugs him. Raghav beats the thief. Thief warns them to leave the house and runs away. Mehras planned to send the thief to scare Raghav-Naina. Mehras’ plan flops. Raghav pacifies Naina’s fears. Raghav thinks Naina deserves a better person than him. There are many sweet moments between them. Raghav tells her that nothing can happen to her, till he is with her. Raghav did not get scared by the thief’s threatening. He does not want to give up to Mehras pressure.

Shakti:Harman and Soumya’s romantic dance will be seen. Harman gets a chance to romance with Soumya. Harman confesses his love to Soumya. He proposes Soumya again. He expresses his wish to hug her. Soumya ignores his words. She understands his feelings, and thinks there is no world where we can stay together, I wish to stop you from leaving, but when fate did not write our togetherness, how can I go against fate. Harman is not stopping his attempts.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

The girls play truth and dare game in hen’s party. Naira was given a dare to go to Kartik’s party venue and know what are the guys doing. Naira takes disguise of a Gujarati guy and witnesses Kartik’s Jagrata. Naira laughs and informs the girls gang. Kartik sees Naira in disguise and follows her to her hen’s party. The Hawaii theme brings light moments. Some goons come in the party and trouble the girls. They ask the girls to dance for them. Naira says no one will dance, get lost from here.


Maya and Arjun sit in the mandap for marriage. Arjun romances with Maya. Everyone asks Arjun to wait till the marriage. They all laugh. Arjun’s mum stops Arjun and asks him to leave the mandap for her sake. She orders Arjun to leave. Arjun does not understand what’s happening. Maya holds Arjun’s hand. His mum drags him and takes him along.

Naagin 2:

Sesha and Shivangi do tandav in the temple. They have one motive, that’s Rocky. Both Sesha and Shivangi love Rocky. Sesha joined hands with Shivangi to save Rocky. Pandit asks them to do tandav to please Naagraja. Sesha always wanted Rocky. She thinks to have Naagmani and then use its powers to get Rocky. She is going mad thinking his life is in danger. Sesha fights with Mahish. Shivangi takes Durga’s avatar and kills Mahish.

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Shivay believes Anika. He knows Anika did not leak Rudra and Soumya’s marriage video. Shivay and Anika check the footage and try to know who has leaked the video. Rudra and Soumya’s marriage video is revealed in front of everyone. Anika is blamed for it. Pinky and Tej have humiliated Anika. Shivay wants to find the real culprit so that he can clear Anika’s name. Shivay takes tension and feels sick. Anika comforts him and makes him rest in her lap.


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