Meri Durga — Yashpal’s arrest


Yashpal gets glad seeing Durga working hard in studies. Durga burns her kites after hearing Yashpal’s hard earnings truth. Yashpal feels proud of her. Durga feels Maths is not in her fate lines. Yashpal explains her to always keep palm closed, so that all the fate lines stay intact and she can win the world by her hard work. Yashpal does not want his daughter to stay uneducated and do any labor work after growing up. He explains her the importance of education. Durga does not give up and finds new ways to understand Maths.

Yashpal talks to principal and finds out about a good coaching centre. Principal gives him a recommendation letter to get fees slashed. Even then, Yashpal could not arrange money for Durga’s fees. He tries to make Durga get hold of Maths roots by attending coaching classes. He requests the teacher to take Durga in the class. Durga and Yashpal get saddened when they are shown the door.

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Yashpal is asked to deposit 10000rs fees for Durga’s maths coaching. Yashpal does not succeed in accumulating the fees. He makes Durga stand over his shoulders so that she can peek in the class and study the subjects.

He attempts to make her watch inside the class through a wall space. Seeing this, Yashpal gets punished. The coaching centre guy gets Yashpal arrested for cheating. Durga wants to earn good marks in Maths exam and stay back in her village. Much family politics is already going on against Yashpal at home. How will poor Yashpal manage to get Amrita married and Durga educated? Keep reading.


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