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Ishqbaaz: Shakti tells Dadi that none can explain Omkara at this time. Dadi worries on informing Jhanvi about Omkara and Shwetlana’s engagement. She feels Jhanvi is still critical, her state may get worse knowing this shocking thing.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita has returned home. Ishita arranges her clothes. Raman helps her in arranging cupboard. Raman finds Ishita upset. He thinks of an idea and acts as if he is scared of cockroach. He asks Ishita to help him. Romi comes there. Raman jumps into Romi’s lap. Adi and Ruhi laugh seeing Raman. Romi could not hold him and drops him back on the couch. Raman’s drama cheers up Ishita’s mood.


Chakor and Suraj are together in the well. She covers him up with the shawl, even when he refuses. Chakor asks him not to act smart. Suraj gets Chakor with him to get under the shawl. Suraj and Chakor use stones to ignite fire in the dry grass. Chakor is worried that Suraj is getting more vulnerable. She asks him not to be adamant. Their nok jhok continues.


Saanjh gives Arjun’s hand in Maya’s hand. Saanjh does their ghatbandhan. She has given them happiness. She says I can’t do more, as I m not much good to bear this. Arjun stops Saanjh. Saanjh does not stop and leaves from there. Arjun gets up from mandap and rushes after Saanjh. He asks what’s my mistake if you love me, why are you punishing me by leaving my marriage. Maya is surprised seeing Arjun leaving her in mandap for Saanjh.


Naina gets mistaken about Ahana. Ahana tells someone who she is ready to pay any amount for what she wants. Naina asks Ahana does rich people buy anything they want, how can she do this. Ahana is a rich businessman. Ahana is looking for something, which will have some mystery. Ahana is emotional and positive girl. She asks Naina to become surrogate mother for her child. She tells Naina that I can’t keep baby in my womb, but I want to have my own child through medical science. Ahana explains her emotions to Naina. Naina gets convinced by Ahana.


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